THE GOLDEN RULES  to owning a surfboard / soft board

  • Surfboards are made of light-weight materials and are very fragile – they are made light – so they will be fast and easy to turn.
  • We teach people how to look after their surfboards at our surf school.
  • The only warranties on surfboards anywhere in the world -is for defects in materials or workmanship. – Snaps, dings, creases or any impact related damages are NOT covered by warranty.
  • If you drop your surfboard, collide with another surfboard. Hit the beach, sand bank, reef etc. You will damage your surfboard and you will need to get it repaired at your own cost.
  • If you throw your surfboard and dive under a wave – your surfboard can break in half.
  • If you run the fins into the sand bank you will knock out the fins and plugs and you will need to pay to get your surfboard repaired.
  • If you practice your jump up on your surfboard – you will break your board and or put big dents in your surfboard!
  • It is normal for surfboards to get pressure dents on the deck and sometimes on the bottom.
  • Do not expose your surfboard to direct or indirect – HOT sun, or leave on the beach, or in your car, on a hot day(anything over 25c) as this will damage your surfboard and or delaminate the surfboard and you will need to pay to get your surfboard repaired.
  • Store surfboards in a cool place (like the garage, laundry) when not in use.

Look after your surfboard like you would your favourite wine glass – because all surfboards are made of fibreglass, foam blank and/ or plastic and  foam and are very fragile.

We recommend that you use a Board Cover at all times to store and transport your surfboard.

Product Warranty for Soft Boards is 31 Days –

Warranty excludes snaps, creases, heat damage, bubbles, broken fins, dings, cuts and compressions.