7’6 B Soft Boards Yellow

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B Soft Boards Scarborough Beach

7’6 B Soft Boards Yellow with High Performance G5 Fin System.

Product Information:

Beginner to Intermediate surfers.

For surfing in all conditions.

Bottoms – UV stabilised HDPE (high density poly ethylene)

Solid bamboo stringers for added strength and flex.

Here, we lay out some of the advantages of our 7’6 B Soft Boards 


Price is always a factor when buying a surfboard, regardless of your skill level.

We sell Factory Direct to you ‘Click and Collect’ and cut out the expensive Surf Shop expenses!


From learning in the white water to high lines and cheater fives, the 7’6 is the perfect log for just about everyone.

It wasn’t long ago that a soft surfboard forced a compromise on performance.

This is no longer the case.

Our 7’6 B Soft Boards Yellow, with our HP Fins System is made for those surfers who want a durable and easy to use soft board.


7’6″ x 22.5″ x 3.8″  Volume: 70L


* IXPE Soft Deck
* PE Strengthening – Extra layer under the deck.
* High Quality Epoxy Resin
* EPS Waterproof Closed-Cell Foam
* Bottoms – UV stabilised HDPE (high density poly ethylene)
* 2 x Solid Bamboo Stringers for added strength and flex.
* Crocodile Skin Non-Slip Deck (No wax needed)



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