8’2 B Soft Boards Yellow

The square tail gives extra surface area in the tail which will increase the rider’s stability and float while riding the wave.

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8’2 B Soft Board Yellow

Tyler surfing a yellow 8'2 B Softboard


8’2 B Soft Board Yellow

With High Performance Fins for added durability and manoeuvrability.

Product Information:

Our 8’2 B Softboard suits – Beginner to Intermediate surfers.

For surfing in all conditions.

Bottoms – UV stabilised HDPE (high density poly ethylene)

Solid bamboo stringers for added strength and flex.

Here, we lay out some of the advantages of our B Soft Board Yellow.


Price is always a factor when buying a soft board, regardless of your skill level.

We sell our Soft Boards Factory Direct at Wholesale Prices.

Our B Soft Boards are used everyday at Scarborough Beach Surf School.


It wasn’t long ago that a soft surfboard forced a compromise on performance.

This is no longer the case, our HP thruster fin setup on a rounded square tail outline gives you classic control and smooth turns.

Our B Soft Boards are made for those surfers who want a durable and easy to use soft board.


8’2″ x 22.5″ x 3.9″  Volume: 75L


* IXPE Soft Deck
* PE Strengthening – Extra layer under the deck.
* High Quality Epoxy Resin
* EPS Waterproof Closed-Cell Foam
* Bottoms – UV stabilised HDPE (high density poly ethylene)
* 2 x Solid Bamboo Stringers for added strength and flex.
* Crocodile Skin Non-Slip Deck (No wax needed)

8'2 B Soft Boards Yellow

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